Inculcate spiritual values in children to help them cope with hardship

January 29, 2020
Parents need to cultivate spiritual values in their children from a very young age and if they don’t, the child will spend its entire life in tears, said Amma at the annual Brahmasthanam Temple Festival at Chennai
It is spiritual values that give children the strength to face and overcome all sorrows and hardships in life.
“Many parents today just put a smartphone in their child’s hand as soon as it starts crying. This may momentarily stop the child’s tantrum,’” Amma said, adding that it won’t help in the long run. “People should have an awareness of what should and should not be done. We see four things spreading like epidemics: Wealth becoming more important than values. Physical Beauty becoming more important than inner beauty. Speed is becoming more important than direction. Machines becoming more important than people.”
“If sorrow is the hallmark of materialism, people would be bound to undergo many painful and difficult experiences in life. When attaining more and more wealth is our main objective, even a long life with ample wealth won’t be enjoyable,” Amma said.
Among those present in the event were Justice M Sathyanarayanan of Madras High Court, GM Doss, Principal Commissioner of Income Tax and Senthamarai, Joint Secretary of Tribal Welfare Department.


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