Independence Day, Rakshabandhan celebrations at Amritapuri

Independence Day was celebrated with the right degree of pomp at Amritapuri on August 15th morning. Amma hoisted the tricolor flag in the program, dignified by the presence of CRPF soldiers and Kerala police. It was a spectacle for the eye to see a crowd of thousands including foreigners who waved the Indian flag and welcomed Amma on to the stage. She with her innate grace did prostrations to the flag pole and distributed sweets to the soldiers and police personnel assembled.
The whole ashram premises echoed with the patriotic mantra “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (Victory to the Mother India) when Amma waved the tricolor flag gifted to her by the AYUDH (Amrita Yuva Dharma Dhara) volunteers. Thereafter Amma reminded all that it is not just enough to wave a flag but everyone should have immense love for their Nation and should work selflessly and tirelessly for the Nation. Also, she added that all should strive to transcend the shackles created by our likes and dislikes and should arise to the true Independence within. Amma concluded with a prayer that let ‘Dharma’ be victorious in every country.
Since it was also the Raksha Bandhan day, the AYUDH volunteers as well the small kids of ashram tied Rakhi to Amma and the army men. It was a special tricolor Rakhi with vegetable seeds embedded, that was tied to Amma.
Inspired from the message of Amma to serve the motherland, a clean up drive was undertaken at Vallikaavu and nearby areas by evening coordinated by AYUDH and Amrita University staff-student fraternity. The garbage collected were sorted into different categories and was disposed of.


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