Human beings powerful enough to overcome any obstacle


Mata Amritanandamayi Devi said that human beings possessed infinite power and they could overcome any obstacle in life. Addressing a gathering during ‘Madurai Mahotsavam’, organised by Mata Amritanandamayi Mutt here on Tuesday, Amritanandamayi urged the people to spread happiness through out the world. Citing the examples of rainbow, flowers, full moon, butterfly and the like, she said that though their life span was very less, they were spreading happiness around.

Quoting seers and scriptures Mata termed human lives a rare gift and hence they should make the lives worthy.

“Majority of the people in the world say that they are experiencing more sorrow than happiness. These thoughts are baseless. It is just a form of self-pity. Human beings should understand that God has created each and every living being with exact measurements and requirements,” she pointed out.

She urged the men and women to climb the hill of greatness and success by influencing others through positive thoughts, words and actions rather than going after big houses, wealth, fame and power.

“Every one should believe that whatever they see today will disappear tomorrow and will become someone else’s. If we think continuously that we are insignificant, our subconscious mind will start believing it. As a result, we, unintentionally will begin displaying our weakness in our words, actions and thoughts. Soon others will start identifying us with these weaknesses,” she pointed out, adding that when we see ourselves as worthless, we would lose self-confidence.

Mata said that if we could see ourselves as an instrument in God’s hand instead, we would realise that we are a source of infinite power and would be able to overcome any kind of obstacle in life. “For such people, difficulties are merely a stepping stone for success. Self-confidence is like a booster rocket. It helps us break free from the impurities and bondage of the mind and allows us to soar to the heights of spirituality,” she added.


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