Disaster Relief

9 out of 10 victims of natural
disasters live in the developing world.
Amma’s empathy and concern for disaster survivors is so complete that she responds to every aspect of their situation – not only fulfilling their material and emotional needs, but also keeping an eye on their future. Our provision of long-term support for disaster survivors has carried thousands through the darkest periods of their lives into the light of a hopeful future.

2017 Ockhi Cyclone: I 2 crore in aid to Chief Minister’s fund as well as relief camps.
2016 Puttingal Temple Fire: I 1 crore to victims and their families and free treatment at Amrita Hospital.
2015 Chennai Flood: I 5 crore Donation as well as evacuation support, medicine and food.
2015 Nepal Earthquake: Food, blankets and shelter and 2 tons of medicines.
2014 Jammu-Kashmir Floods: I 30 crore in relief with focus on house construction.
2013 Typhoon Yolanda, Philippines: $ 2 million in aid.
2013 Uttarakhand Flash-Flooding: I 100 crore in aid.
2013 Kerala Landslides & Boating Accident: I 1 lakh given to bereaved families.
2012 LPG Tanker & Fireworks Factory Explosions: Aid packages to families of dead and injured.
2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami: $ 1 million for education of orphans.
2010 Haiti Earthquake: Medical supplies, shelter materials, scholarships.
2009 Floods in Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh: I 100-crore relief package including medical care, food, supplies and 1,000 homes for the displaced.
2009 Cyclone Aila, West Bengal: Medical care, food and supplies.
2008 Floods in Bihar, Gujarat (2006), Mumbai (2005): More than I 5 crores in medical aid, food, supplies and shelter.
2005 Hurricane Katrina, USA: $ 1 million to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami: I 200 crore in relief (built 6,200 tsunami-resistant homes, 700 new fishing boats and an evacuation bridge, provided vocational training for 2,500 victims).
2001 Earthquake, Gujarat: Three villages rebuilt from ground up (1,200 homes).