Heart-wrenching stories of grief, despair and loss; Kumbakonam Fire Accident


The stories they heard from the parents- of innocence, sacrifice and irrevocable loss, were really heart-wrenching. Such was the story of a poor boy, who was able to escape the fire initially but went back inside the building to rescue his little sister. Both of them had perished, told their mother with a heavy heart and teary eyes. There was a heart-broken father who lost both of his children in the fire. He couldn’t help but blame himself as it was him who forced the children to go to school after two days of absence. Another woman, a single mother who had lost her husband while carrying her baby, had lost that child in the fire. She told the brahmacharinis that she had lost every reason to be alive, with a blank look in her eyes. There was an unfortunate mother who had to recognize her daughter’s body by the anklets she had put on her that morning.

Such was the intensity of grief that the brahmacharinis found it difficult to soothe the mourning parents, but they stayed the course as instructed by Amma. At the funeral of the children, the brahmacharinis chanted the eighth chapter of the Gita. Afterwards, they brought some of the ashes back to Amritapuri, which Amma blessed and offered into the sea upon her return from the U.S. Tour.


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