Bihar Floods: Amrita Medical team Contains the Situation


The MAM team of doctors and paramedics maintained a temporary hospital in Supaul for a month and they had treated patients with wounds, respiratory problems like pneumonia and fungal growths, and they also had attended delivery cases. The vast range of equipment the team had brought along had proven to be a godsend as the Mobile TeleMedicine unit went around the villages and the doctors used it to do combined diagnosis with specialists in AIMS. The team of doctors and paramedics remained in Bihar for more than two months, consulting more than 400 patients every day and treating more than 50,000 people through 100 medical camps during their stay. It was estimated that medicine worth Rs. 30 Lakhs was distributed during the rescue and relief operations.

Life goes on with Amrita’s support

Following Amma’s teachings on the importance of education, volunteers had arranged temporary classrooms in the relief camps with two sections for children from three to six and seven to fifteen. School supplies like notebooks, pencils, etc. were also distributed to the children. After three months, Bihar Govt. had started on the second phase of the rehabilitation project which included taking account of the losses suffered by individual farmers, to distribute compensation under different heads. After the waters had receded, villagers left to their villages and all of them were full of gratitude towards the MAM volunteers for their service.



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