Lifting up Uttarkhand from the depths of sorrow


29th June 2013

As the world was looking on with shock and grief, people enquired MAM volunteers when would they leave for the rescue and relief operations. The New Delhi branch of MAM was waiting for Amma’s instructions and she responded at the right time, when the roads were cleared for rescue and relief workers. Amma had instructed the volunteers to go to Kedarnath, where thousands of people were rendered homeless, entire villages were wiped out and a lot of lives were lost. As soon as instructions were received from Amma, the volunteers tried hard to put together a workable plan, based on the meager knowledge of ground conditions available at that time. But fortunately, doctors from AIMS had reached Delhi within a single day and the telemedicine bus had already set out from Kochi.

The 30-member team led by Dr. Jaggu consisted of nurses, paramedical staff, two emergency ambulances including a telemedicine unit, cardiac facilities, emergency unit and a system to detect symptoms of rat fever and dengue fever in just two minutes. Later, the team managed to get in touch with the local administration soon and they


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