Pandemix, A Mobile App for Local Shopping of Essentials during Lockdown

Pandemix is a mobile based application designed by the team of Raguraman TB, Suryakumar, Vimalkumar, Dana Vishnu, and Dr. Shriram K V. This app caters to a wide variety of social needs for a multitude of users, keeping their safety as our primary concern. They’ve developed seven independent modules that tackle seven different aspects of the COVID-19 situation.
  1. Outlet Finder (Pharmacy and Groceries)
  2. Inventory Checker and Scheduler
  3. UPI payment feature
  4. Route Finder highlighting the COVID hit zones through heatmaps.
  5. Prescription Validator
  6. Proximity Alert (For all the smart devices, not only phone)
  7. Help-A-Friend (Volunteering for the disabled and elderly)
The app currently is developed for android and is fully functional. For the demo, please visit https://youtu.be/e-f51iSKapI


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