Red Cross Catalonia honors the Amma Foundation of Spain for supporting people in need during COVID-19

As the world continues to reel in the grip of COVID-19, our volunteers are taking the necessary medical precautions so they can provide food and basic supplies to people suffering in the pandemic’s economic fallout. In Spain, the M.A. Center located in Piera (Barcelona) provided food worth $240,000 US to 4,800 families for the year 2020. In appreciation for this effort, the Creu Roja Catalunya (Red Cross Catalonia) has awarded a certificate of merit to Fundacion Amma (Amma Spain) for their help. Signatories include Mr Josep Quitet, President of the Red Cross, Catalonia, and Elena Fontanet, Secretary of the Red Cross, Catalonia. In 2014, Amma Spain also initiated a scholarship program for youth in need of financial aid to attend school. Despite COVID-19, the support continues and the recipients say they appreciate it more than ever. Some of the students wish to say thank you to Amma through these letters and pictures so they can express their love and gratitude to her. They have been supported through Els quatre camins solidaris, an organization that works in partnership with Amma Spain.

Tarik Azzouzi

Dear Amma,

I’m from Morocco and I came to Barcelona two years ago to help my family from Morocco. I was in a support center, but eventually I had to go to the street and that’s when Els quatre camins solidaris helped me. Now I am in a shared flat, and I am happy but I lack work. I save as much as I can and when I can, I send money to my family. When you came to Granollers, I had a great time and met people. You didn’t come this year and we miss you so much. When you came I was doing seva helping to break down everything after the program at night, and we did not make noise so as not to wake you up.I am very grateful to you for the help you give me. With the scholarship, I pay for food and transportation. Please, Amma, I also ask you to help find my friend Jawad who disappeared on February 8, 2021 in the Strait of Gibraltar and we do not know anything about him.

Thank you.

Kudus Mahama

Dear Amma,

I am from Ghana. A year and six months ago, I had to leave a support center and all hope was lost. But thanks to Amparo, Marta and Els quatre camins solidaris, I met Amma. She is the godmother of the orphans and the poor, and with a good heart, she decided to give me support. With the help of the money I receive from Amma, I can pay for my transport to school and buy food for myself. In addition, I can feed and pay the tuition for my younger sister’s school. She still lives in Ghana. The happiest part of all this is that I am not the only person that Amma gives this money to, but also more than 10 of my friends who are in the same situation as me. On behalf of all of us, I say in my local language:

“Ayikooo !!!!!!!!!! ototurobonsu wob) awia b) nsuo wo ma wa komasu adie se wieasi beye krabetwie no enbre mu.”

That means thank you very much. May your desire to make this world a peaceful place materialize. We are very grateful for what you have been doing for us. If the world has two or more of your kind, it will be a perfect place to live.


Mohamed Kabouri

Dear Amma,

I would like first of all to thank you for the help you are giving me during this time. Thanks to your solidarity, the day I leave the center, I will be able to start my new stage with a starting point. An economic base.

The second is to thank you again for trusting me and giving me a chance at life.

I will be eternally grateful for your love and understanding. A very strong hug from me and I hope that everything goes very well for you.

Moussa Chanchana

Hi Amma,

I would like to thank you for your help during this time. I also want to thank you for the money you gave me and that will help me for a better life. Right now I have it saved so I can help myself in the future.

I hope to see you again and give you a very strong hug.

Thank you.


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