Odisha flood relief: River Mahanadi overflows in Banki


13th November 2008, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Odisha is one among those states in India which regularly undergoes flooding in one part of the state or the other during the monsoons. Even though the farmers of Odisha await the monsoon season with hope, it also becomes a cause of sorrow as the river Mahanadi regularly overflows in the Cuttack/Bhubaneswar belt, causing huge loses to the farmers, businesses and people.

After almost a decade, Odisha witnessed a heavy downpour in the year 2008 and as a result of which the river Mahanadi became flooded and submerged the Banki area of Cuttack in Orissa. In all its fury, the river had entered even the city limits and the people of Cuttack had to relocate to the upper floors of their homes till the waters receded. The floods were so devastating that the Prime Minister of India declared it as a National calamity, after visiting the area.

As soon as Amma learned about the tragedy, she had sent Br. Sadasiva to the affected area to offer relief supplies. During MAM’s relief work, we had distributed medicines, tarpaulins, relief kits, educational kits along with several thousands of blankets and other rations to the flood survivors. The people of Odisha were very grateful to the representatives of the MAM for coming from so far to offer timely assistance.


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