Diagnostix, An App to Predict COVID Result using X-Ray Images

Diagnostix is an application to classify COVID19 +ve and non-CVID through deep learning and blockchain. One of the major symptoms of COVID-19 is the common cold. In the Diagnostix app, there exists a subtle difference in X-ray images of lungs from COVID positive vs COIVID negative patients. There is no solution at present that has been able to capitalize on this feature and develop a suitable classifier. Throat swab test is heavily dependent on the medical equipment and the current situation prevailing in the country is not apt for it. The team consisting of four namely Nitin Dantu, Vimalkumar, Dana Vishnu and Dr. Shriram K V have developed an extensive deep-learning model to classify radiographic images. They have designed a web/Mobile platform with complete diagnostics that allows users to upload X-ray images and the system then predicts. In case the result turns out to be COVID+ve the patient’s details and his current location are appended to the blockchain as a transaction for authorities to monitor. They collect the Aadhar details, Phone number, Name and GPS coordinates of test location etc. and these data are moved to the Blockchain. Once the patient has recovered, the status gets changed as COVID -ve and they believe that this as a 100% viable approach. They give 95% accuracy in classifying pneumonia/non-pneumonia and almost 100% accuracy to detect the COVID 19+ cases. The system is accurate, fast, and fully functional. The major advantages of this application include:
  1. Reduced load on doctors
  2. Reduced time of identification of probable candidates
  3. Reduction of manpower
  4. Using test kits only on most probable suspects
  5. Highly affordable. Easy to use.
They provide
  1. Classification as COVID / Pneumonia / No disease.
  2. Complete Stats for easy view.
  3. Blockchain for tamperproof storage.
For Demo Video, Visit https://youtu.be/o5MIgYlzJ7A


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