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Amrita Institutions, Nagercoil

Amrita Institutions in Tamil Nadu include Amrita College of Engineering and technology (ACET), Amrita Polytechnic College, Amrita Institute of Technology and Amrita College of Education.

Amrita Civil Service Academy

Amrita civil service academy’s vision is to create administrators endowed with resourcefulness, compassion and willpower to serve our nation. Amrita envisages to nurture a generation of administrators and leaders who would be exemplary role models for society, inspired by a passion to contribute and serve.

Amrita Shilpa Kalakshetra

As part of a broader mission to help preserve the rich cultural heritage of India, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has established an institute dedicated to revive the traditional craft of woodcarving, a project that creates jobs while preserving a dying art form. The school’s courses have been specially designed to address issues that have plagued the handicrafts industry in recent years. In order to raise quality standards while simultaneously increasing output capacity, the courses incorporate modern machinery-based sculpting skills. The school also trains its students in negotiation as well as how to work effectively with banks. Each student receives a monthly stipend to cover living expenses during their studies.

Amrita Industrial Training Institute

The Amrita Industrial Training College deserves special mention, as it was helpful in rebuilding the local economy of the fishermen after the 2004 Tsunami wreak havoc in their lives. Established in 1989, ITC provides training for 500 teenagers in 11 different trades, every year. The school strives to build confidence in the youngsters by giving them a sense of self-reliance.