Education grant for 100 families in Singapore


Upon Amma’s arrival at Suntec, she was greeted by thousands of devotees and received with a traditional Chinese dance. Three distinguished guests welcomed Amma with garlands: Shi Fa Rong, a Buddhist monk from the Hood In Jing She Abbot Temple and a Representative of Singapore’s Inter-Religious Organisation; Sujatha Bhargavan, the president of the Sri Narayana Mission; and Mr. Lee Boon Siong, chairman of the Poh Ern Shin Temple, the Buddhist Temple of Thanksgiving.

Prior to the commencement of darshan, 100 Bursery Awards—education grants—where distributed to deserving Riverside Secondary School students from low-income families. Amma also blessed 50 saplings. The saplings will be planted by AYUDH-Singapore at the Dairy Farm Park on Earth Day, 22 April 2009. Pensions were also distributed to 50 impoverished, mentally and physically challenged senior citizens. Singapore’s Amriteswari Society will also deliver food to the seniors on a weekly basis. Furthermore, a group of 45 residents of the Angsana Home were brought for Amma’s darshan. These impoverished people are similarly served by the Amriteswari Society.

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