Amrita to use first Silent MRI


Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, has joined hands with GE for its silent MRI as part of an endeavour to provide new medical technology that is affordable to all sections of society under the mission Healthier India. The hospital has announced availability of Silent MRI – an MRI scanning technology from GE for improving patient comfort.

Amrita is the first hospital in the country to acquire Silent MRI, said an official statement.

A conventional MRI scanner can produce 110 dBA (decibels) rivaling noise from a steel mill or air craft engine or heavy traffic noise on our roads. Silence is crucial for patients who find MRI scans loud and distressing. The silent scan technology reduces MR scanner noise to near ambient sound levels and improve patient’s MR exam experience. “Acoustic noise is one of the biggest complaints of patients, especially elderly and children, who undergo MRI scanning. Along with this is the small bore sizes of conventional MRIs that make patients claustrophobic. Every small movement the patient makes effect on the quality of outcomes and at times re-scan is needed. If we can make the patient more comfortable and relaxed, we can get the best outcomes.  We found this silent technology to be very compassionate to the patient. With this there will be very few re-scans. The silent MRI will be fully operational from third week of March,” said Dr Prem Nair, medical director, AIMS.



Noise is one of the major complaints from patients who undergo an MRI exam. Medical manufacturers have addressed the noise issue by muffling it using a combination of acoustic dampening material or even degrading MRI machine performance in order to reduce the noise level. These days most hospitals use ear plugs and head phones to help patient hear less noise during an MRI scan.

Two years ago, GE engineers initiated the research to reduce noise during MRI scan.

They developed Silent Scan Technology, a radical new type of 3D MR acquisition methodology, a combination of proprietary high-fidelity gradient and RF system electronics, by which the noise is not merely dampened but is virtually eliminated at the source. The Silent Scan Technology is co-developed in India by GE. Silent Scan is available on new as well as existing Discovery MR750w with GEM and Optima MR450w with GEM systems.

“Clinicians, technicians and patients have narrated their challenges undergoing an MRI scan. Based on their feedback, we humanised our MRI technology,” said Dr Karthik Kuppusamy, senior director, MRI Imaging, GE Healthcare.

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