Amma at Stanford, Conversations on Compassion


Stanford University hosted a rare event in which, world-renowned humanitarian leader and Amrita University’s Chancellor, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma), in a dialogue with leading neurosurgeon Dr. James Doty in the packed Memorial Auditorium, shares deep insight into the immense power of compassion, whether it is in science, technology, business, or in fact, in any sphere of human activity.

“For me, compassion is the most important factor in our lives,” said Amma. It is the first step. If we take this first step courageously, without fear, then all of our decisions and subsequent actions and their results will have a special beauty, spontaneity and power.” Amma said human calculations might be wrong, but actions born of true compassion would always be right. “This is because compassion is the law of nature, the power of God and the heart of creation,” she noted.

At the conclusion of this 1-hour dialogue, Dr. Doty exclaims that Amma has lucidly answered all of the research questions that he set out to investigate in the first place.

Amma’s program at Stanford University gives an opportunity for all of us to revel for a few moments in the ambience of world’s greatest embodiment of spirituality and compassion coming together with one of world’s foremost centers of scientific and technology innovation


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