Amma’s Message: Vijayadaśamī 2022

On this auspicious day of Vijayadaśamī, Amma shared the following words:  

Vijayadaśamī is the celebration of a remarkable victory. All of us have experienced different kinds of success in life. For example, scoring high marks in school and college tests, winning competitions, success in sport, art or business ventures, victory in war, and so on. However, the greatest victory of all is the victory over our own mind. Vijayadaśamī is the celebration of such a victory. All the demonic forces and divine forces reside in our mind. 

Vijayadaśamī is a celebration of the victory of the divine forces over the demonic ones. In other words, Vijayadaśamī is our victory over our lower tendencies and the realisation of our true divine nature. It is transcending the finite and realising the infinite. 

The word navarātri is compounded from the two words: nava, which means nine, and rātram, which means knowledge. Hence, the word navarātri signifies the nine-day journey to Knowledge of the Absolute. The final day, or the day of complete knowledge, is Vijayadaśamī.  

In fact, this realisation is not something that should happen on one day. It should happen continuously, on all days, within ourselves. In order to achieve such a victory, we need the blessing of Parāśakti—the supreme transcendental force that controls the universe. This is why we worship that Parāśakti—the Goddess, who is the Mother, female in form, and who is Prakṛti, Mother Nature, embodied.   

It is the grace of Devī, the cosmic power, that is responsible for all attainments and progress in life. She manifests as knowledge, love and all ideal virtues. This entire universe is but a play of that cosmic power. Hence, we should see the Mother of the Universe in everything and love and serve everyone equally, without prejudice. May Vijayadaśamī shine brightly in each one of you. May divine grace shower blessings on you all. 


As part of today’s celebrations held in the main hall of Amritapuri, Amma instructed children in writing their first letters for their Vidyarambham ceremony. Many ashramites also performed in a culture and music program, which included 300 people playing tabla at the same time – a remarkable feat. After the nine nights of Navaratri, Vijayadaśamī 2022 came to an end with Amma leading everyone in bhajans.  


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