Life can be a celebration: Janmashtami at Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

The grounds of the new Amrita Hospital in Faridabad transformed into a site of great joy as all gathered for the auspicious day of Janmashtami and celebrated the birth of Shri Krishna.

In the late afternoon, Amma joined her children, both young and old, to play the traditional game of Dahi Handi. The gathering resounded with laughter as each participant took a try at running to break the clay pots filled with water and curd. Upon success, huge applause broke out with smiles on every face.

Next, people proceeded to the programme hall to listen to Amma’s message for this year. Amma reminded us that it was Shri Krishna who first taught the world the principle of how to turn any situation in life into a joyous celebration. We should not forget the great life-lessons he bestowed upon us.

“Life is like a battlefield upon which there is a constant clash between our past and our future. As such, people find it difficult to make positive changes in life,” said Amma.

“It was because they understood this dual nature of life that our ancient sages taught us to accept both success and hardship with equanimity. If we develop this attitude, we will never be overpowered by happiness or sorrow. Moreover, our life will get transformed into a joyous celebration.”

Later in the evening, as Amma arrived, devotees chanted the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam to share the story about Shri Krishna’s birth. A puja was performed to invoke universal harmony, and Amma asked all to close their eyes and imagine any form of God to pray for world peace. As she led bhajans, a positive vibration permeated the gathering.

Next, to the surprise of all, Amma stood up and began a beautiful dance of happiness. Many present blissfully joined in, while tears filled the eyes of others watching. The day’s celebrations concluded with Amma distributing prasad to all.


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