Amritavarsham 70 Messages to Amma

This form aims at collecting video messages for Amma’s 70th birthday from all over the world. Thank you so much for your participation! This video is be a very nice way to bring all of us together.

Please make sure the video fits the following specifications before submitting :

  • All birthday video messages should be maximum 10 seconds long.
  • Each video should feature a placard in print or drawn/painted format that says in english one of the 4 following messages “Thank you for being in our lives / We love you Amma / Thank you Amma / Happy Birthday Amma”.
  • During the video devotees should say out loud the following sentence in their local language : “Thank you Amma for 70 years of torrential Grace”. Most of the videos will be played together in a collage so the audio has to sync.

It is therefore important that all voices are synchronized with the timings of the prerecorded soundtrack (which you can find soon via this link The leader of the group for the recording can listen to the prerecorded soundtrack with earphones while the group records its message to ensure the words are synchronized.

Please send your video before Wednesday, September 20th. The size of the video should be max 100 Mo, in good quality.