Amrit Ganga – अमृत गंगा – Season 1 Episode 24 – Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

In Episode 24 of Amrit Ganga, Amma says that we should comfort others who are in pain. People behave rudely due to ignorance, and we should have the proper understanding in such situations. We should understand the mental state and spiritual development of other people. We should face different situations in life with the attitude of a witness. It is like knowing how to swim, we can enjoy the waves; but someone who does not know how to swim may drown. This is why spirituality is needed in life. It is not blind belief. It removes inner blindness. Spirituality should become our foundation. This episode continues with Amma’s USA tour in Washington, DC. Also in this episode, Amma sings her bhajan, Mayyaji menu.




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