Amrit Ganga – अमृत गंगा – Season 1 Episode 29 – Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

In Episode 29 of Amrit Ganga, Amma says that we cling to non-existing problems and then we complain that we cannot bear the burden. Before we carry the load, we complain that it’s heavy. Even when there is no reason to worry we think that something bad will happen. The wife worries when her husband is late. She wonders if he was in an accident, had a heart attack, or any other major problem. These thoughts make her tense. In the same way, fear makes us weak and creates mental problems. In this episode, we see Amma’s yatra to Melbourne, Australia. Also in this episode, Amma sings her bhajan, Sher pe sawar.



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