Amrit Ganga – अमृत गंगा – Season 1 Episode 30 – Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

In Episode 30 of Amrit Ganga, Amma says that the mind is strange. We get bored with external objects and we constantly seek new things. We even get bored with our relationships. But we don’t get bored with our thoughts. Some people remember even the most insignificant things that happened in their childhood. They cannot move past what others said or did to them. But no one is free from mistakes. Amma says that all of us commit mistakes, so we should learn to forgive and forget. In this episode, Amma continues her yatra in Melbourne, Australia. Also in this episode, Amma sings her bhajan, Murali Manohar Madhava.



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