Kartika Puja Highlights

Amma’s Birthstar (Kartika) was celebrated with a Kali puja in the Kalari. The entire ashram had been decorated with garlands and lamps, and the Kalari itself was graced with traditional motifs (mandalas) and more lamps and garlands. The highlight of the ritual occurred during the singing of the Bhavani Bhujangam and other stotrams. The central aspect of the puja is the symbolic offering to God of the five elements of creation.

Our body is composed from these five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. The puja symbolises the surrender of the devotee to the Lord. Each element is represented by a material symbol, such as flowers, lamps, etc. These are offered at the foot of the lamp. The desire of the devotee to offer his or her surrender is effected by these symbolic offerings. While the offerings are being made, all the attendants chant the holy names of Kali.

The puja starts with a worship of the Guru and of Ganesha, the symbolic remover of obstacles. The puja ends when the pujari gives the offerings, sanctified by the puja, to the devotees. The flame (symbolic of Consciousness) and sweet pudding (symbolic of union with God) are offered to the devotees. Get News Updates from Amrita. 

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