Swami Rameshwarananda Giri Maharaj of Fundacion Phi visits Amritapuri

Swami Rameshwarananda Giri Maharaj of Fundacion Phi visits Amritapuri on 04.12.2019 Swamiji formally took sannyasa at the age of 25 from HAI Swami Brahmananda, becoming his successor and the heir to the Kriya Yoga lineage. He has set up the Phi School of Yoga Vedanta and Meditation in 1993 and founded the Vedantic Centre of Valencia (1994) and the Fundacion Phi (2009) and has created the University of Consciousness, a space for tuition and research. Swamiji is currently working on the creation of Campus PHI. He is the Vice-President of the Fundacio Mediambiental, President of the Interfaith Meeting Forum of Valencia (EEIV) and Member of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders.


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