Attitude Opens Doors of Grace – From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 26

This human birth is meant to attain Self Realization. Once we attain this, we can always come back and do good for the world. Just as we carefully count money and make sure nothing is missing, we should introspect each day, “How much have I chanted my mantra and meditated? How much time did I set aside for God? How much time did I spend for the sake of others? Was I able to compromise and be patient with another? Was I able to forget and forgive?” We should introspect like this every day. Just by reaching a Master or living near the master doesn’t necessarily mean anything. it doesn’t mean much just to reach the Master. After that is when we need to start making real effort. So, do not waste the presence of the Sadguru. We need to store all memories we have with the Master.


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