Awaken The Guru Within – From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 31

From Amma’s Heart brings you the nectar of Amma’s wisdom to your life. All Amma’s children’s actions and duties should be filled with the sweetness of love. Love transforms all our actions into ‘Guru Seva’ or service to the Master. We should perform actions with an attitude of worship. We should perform actions with an attitude of worship. When we lift a two or four-month-old infant, we are extremely careful. Before playing tabla we make sure that it is tuned well, otherwise the sound arising from the instrument will not be harmonious with the rest of the music. We are very cautious while standing near the fire, because we know that if we are not careful we may get burned. We are cautious while standing near a live wire. This is the kind of awareness that we need to develop. We need to have humility in all our words and actions. We cannot physically remove darkness, but in the presence of light, darkness automatically disappears. So, we need an attitude of worship and humility in all our actions. This helps us develop a one-pointed mind.


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