Celebrate Your Failures: From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 8

When we see a blooming flower we fail to recognize that it represents the last stage of the transition of the flower bud from darkness into light. We should move forward lighting the lamp of faith in this candle that is the body. You may wonder how you can trascend this immense darkness with the light of just a single candle. Just remember that as we take each step, the light will move forward along with us. In that light other people can also walk forward in step as well. We should put forth the right effort with self-confidence. When we move forward in this way, we will ultimately be able to realise our true self. If our mind is filled with the light of God’s love, all experiences -good and bad-will be able to bring us happiness. We will be able to celebrate not only our successes but also our failures. It was the 1968 Olympic marathon. All the participants started running. Akhwari, the athlete

from Tanzania, fell, badly hurting himself. All the others completed the race and reached the finish line Although covered in blood, Akhwari continued running, finishing last. When, hours later, he finally crossed the finish line, a cheer rose from the crowd. Later, when interviewed and asked, why he continued running, despite of beeing injured, and knowing he couldn’t win, Akhwari replied: “My country did not send me to start the race, they sent me to finish it as well”. In fact, his response earned him greater repute than the actually winner. In spite of beeing badly injured, he dragged himself to the finish line. In the same way, we may encounter many failures in life, but we should never become discouraged. We sould move forward steadly, keeping our goal in mind. Amma is not saying that you should run with a broken leg.

Amma is citing that incident to indicate that we should never loose heart and become discouraged in the face of adverse situations. Our determination should help us overcome them and surge ahead. When we see a blooming flower swaying in the wind, spreading fragrance, we fail to recognize that it represents the last stage of the transition of the flower bud from darkness into light. Inside the flower bud, there was darkness. From that darkness, it slowly bloomed into the light Similarly, this is our journey of blossoming from the darkness of lower emotions in the the light of pure love. It’s only when we reach that final destination that we experience real celebration and joy. What does this mean? At present we are lost in the darkness of ignorance. We may misjudge a rope to be a snake or a snake to be a rope. Walking in the darkness of the night, if something brushes against our foot, we will run, afraid that it is a snake. However, if we carry the light of knowledge, -the flashlight of awareness-we will be able to move forward without letting darkness conquer us.

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