Amritapuri Organic Garden – Land of Love and Life

Amma’s ashram at Amritapuri has an organic garden and nature sanctuary completely built from barren land. 7 years of dedication and perseverance of a few people has resulted in creating this beautiful habitat. The prasad served by Amma at Amritapuri ashram on Tuesdays and other festival days are made from these organic gardens. Vast organic gardens and nature sanctuaries are now flourishing upon what used to be barren land in Amritapuri. Because the fields were built over swamp filled with sand and red clay, neighbours warned it was unlikely anything could grow. But the perseverance of a few people dedicated to reviving the land has now resulted in these beautiful habitats. Today, the plots provide food and herbal medicines, as well as sheltered protection for local wildlife. The project has also created a renewed sense of gratitude and respect for the Earth. As Amma says, “Every day, spend some quiet time in Nature and learn to listen to her silent wisdom.” Get News Updates from Amrita.

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