Faith & Effort – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Season 1 Episode 40

From Amma’s Heart brings you the nectar of Amma’s wisdom to your life. plain faith is not enough; faith should be coupled with effort. Without putting in the necessary effort, people often say, “I have faith. I go to the temple and pray.” What they do is when all their other work is done, they briefly visit the temple, tell God all their complaints, donate Rs.10 for a traditional temple-ritual and come back home. It is like saying, “God, since you are blind, here is my Rs. 10-worth of oil to light the lamp for light.” Or, “God, since you are deaf, here is my Rs. 10-worth of fireworks to help you hear so that you will grant my wishes.” Amma is not asking you to stop this. Such contributions are good, as you may be enabling a person’s livelihood with the amount you donate. But it is in fact your good actions that are needed. You should pray, “God, please give me a mind that does not harm anyone by thought, look or deed.” This is the real prayer.We should awaken to that. God’s grace flows into effort that is free of ego. Selfless effort is our only true asset. A seed lying in the desert or upon a rock will not sprout.


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