From Internet to the Inner-Net – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Season 1 Episode 38

From Amma’s Heart brings you the nectar of Amma’s wisdom to your life. We all have air-conditioned houses, cars and offices. But, many people cannot fall asleep in their air-conditioned rooms and must depend on sleeping pills. Some even commit suicide in their air-conditioned mansions. What does this mean? We cannot find peace of mind through external comforts alone. For this, we need to air-condition the mind. Spirituality helps to achieve this. We live in the age of the Internet. Wherever we go on the planet, we need to have the Internet. But, along with a connection to the Internet, we also need to rediscover our ‘Inner-net’ connection. Spirituality teaches us how to manage both our internal and external worlds.

What is happening to society? Caught up in the speed of life, mankind has forgotten basic human values; we belittle their significance. We attempt to justify all the violence and unrighteousness we commit, from the individual level to the international level. We then thrust our rationalization of these actions on the rest of society. There have been problems in the world from the beginning of time. For ages, society has suffered from war, conflict, discrimination based on caste, creed, and social position, as well as disharmony in the family. But, our ancestors had a different outlook on life. They had an inherent awareness of three factors – humans, nature, and the invisible power that harmoniously unites them.


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