Presence of The Master- From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 15 – Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

The waters of the three holy rivers reside at the Sadguru’s feet. We get the benefit of a thousand holy pilgrimages when we surrender all our likes and dislikes to the Master and serve selflessly. That presence is the greatest Himalayan peak. It is equivalent to bathing in the holiest of waters. Our ego is transformed in to waters of compassion and this is offered to the world. This love overflows from our heart just as milk boils over and flows to the entire world. What this love awakes, the disciple thinks, “My Guru should never be dishonors due to any of my actions. To achieve this, how should I react with people?” We should see others as parts of our Guru’s body and serve them. When we feel anger towards a person, we should try to see our Master’s smiling face in the place of that person’s face. Even if we feel anger, when we see the Guru’s smiling face we will be able to control this anger. We may have many different thoughts. But, when we organize and arrange these thoughts, understanding which to reject, that is when we create poetry.

You cannot just write everything down. It takes a lot of thought and contemplation. Some people tell Amma, “I feel a lot of anger towards a specific person.” Amma said, “When you feel anger, imagine Amma’s face looking at you and smiling.” Later a devotee came and told Amma, “Initially, when I imagined this, I did feel anger within but I was able to avoid expressing my anger. Eventually, I could really feel a difference.” The love we have towards the master inspires goodness within those around us. This love also helps us awaken good qualities within ourselves. We all have divine water within, but we are not digging in the right place. At present, we are digging in the desert – the desert of the ego. We will not find water there. If we try to plant a seed on a rock, will the seed sprout? Will a seed in the desert sprout? The seed will only sprout in the water of compassion and selfless love. We should love and serve everyone and everything as parts of our Master’s body. It may be difficult, but we need to keep trying. Even if we fail a hundred times, even a single victory is a big victory. We may fail a test multiple times, but once we finally pass it, we need not take the test ever again.


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