Truth & Secrets in Life: From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 7

We need two things while living in this world truth and secrets. We won’t say to a person’s face, ” your face looks like a monkey.” In a kingdom, there was a particular day where the king would give gifts to all. A beggar living in the kingdom thought, ”why don’t I go and meet the king? I am ill and cannot work for a living. I may get something by going there.” The beggar had no money for transportation and it was a long journey to the palace. It would take two to three days to walk. After a while, the fatigued beggar collapsed over a small stream. He dragged himself to the stream and drank some water.

”This water tastes so sweet! People usually present something to the king when they see him. I have nothing to give him. But this water is so delicious. I will present some of this water to the king.” Thinking thus, the man took a canvas bag and filled it with some water. He then continued to the palace. There was a long line of people waiting to meet the king. They had expensive gifts for the king, and the king would then give them gold or gems in return. The king called him to come forward. As soon as the man reached the king, he happily presented the water he collected to him with a big smile on his face. He said, ” My King! This water is so sweet! It’s so delicious.”

The king took the water and tasted it, ”Oh! This water is indeed delicious!” Saying so, the king drank some more water. Seeing the king enjoy the water, they (ministers around him) said, ”We want to taste the water.” But the king said ” No, I will not give you any of this water.” They asked again but the king refused. The king then presented the beggar with a gift and sent him on his way. The elated beggar left. The ministers were confused. The king normally shares the item he was presented with the ministers and other assemblymen. They went to the king and asked, ”Your majesty, why didn’t you share that sweet water? We

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