Amrita SREE is a solution for our world’s poverty of love: TN Prathapan, MP

TN Prathapan, Thrissur Member of Parliament, said Amrita SREE is a shining example of how to face the poverty of love from which our world suffers. A member of the Indian National Congress Party, Prathapan was inaugurating Amrita SREE’s annual meeting for SHGs in the Thrissur district. About 10,000 women who are members from across the region gathered in Thriprayar for the event. 

Prathapan said the initiative’s self-help groups are a model for women’s empowerment, as they reach out to all irrespective of caste or creed. He added it is sad to see that today, there are even families who send their parents to old-age homes instead of caring for them. The reason for this is the lack of love. But the collective unity of Amrita SREE provides a solution for how to restore care and responsibility in our families and, ultimately, society overall.  

Brahmachari Amoghamrita Chaitanya delivered the blessing speech. District Panchayat Vice President Sheena Parayangatil, BJP State Vice President Adv. B. Gopalakrishnan, Sree Narayanaguru College Principal Dr. T N Sarasu, and Amrita SREE Coordinator R. Ranganathan also addressed the gathering.  

Aid was distributed to SHG members who attended the meeting. Support for the women included food, clothing, financial assistance, and grain supplies, as well as working capital for each SHG with 20 members.   


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