Amrita SREE: Another 10,000 women gather for an annual meeting of the SHGs

A second gathering was held in the Alappuzha district in Kerala for an annual meeting of AmritaSREE SHGs. About 10,000 women who are members from across the region attended to celebrate their success and discuss how to move forward.  

The district’s Municipality Vice Chairman, PSM Hussain, said that the Ashram’s initiative is helping lakhs of women and as such, is an inspiring example for all of society. He emphasised how projects like AmritaSREE are motivating women to gain self-confidence and independence.   

Also speaking on the occasion, KPCC member Adv M Liju said that the AmritaSREE scheme is an invaluable aid to ordinary women in need of support to make a living for themselves and their families.  

BJP State Spokesperson Sandeep Vachaspathi, who delivered the congratulatory speech, said that Amma is a practical embodiment of India’s spiritual resolve to serve the poor and needy. Such relief programs run by the Math are reaching lakhs of people and changing their lives for the better.  

Swami Anaghamritananda Puri delivered the blessing speech, and R Ranganathan, AmritaSREE Coordinator, gave the vote of thanks. Relief packages of food, clothing, and financial assistance were distributed to every AmritaSREE member present. In addition, ₹30,000 of working capital was given to each SHG with 20 members.  



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