Thousands Attend Amrita SREE Conclave at Thrissur


March 21, 2019

The Thekkinkad Maidan was today transformed into a sea of women at the Amrita SREE district conclave organized here. Padmasree Kalamandalam Kshemavati (renowned Mohiniyattam dancer), who inaugurated the event, said that Amma was always ready to absorb the sufferings and problems of the humanity. We should be ready to accept the exordinary powers and talents portrayed by others, she added.

Swami Pranavamritananda Puri, who delivered the benedictory address, recollected how he became an ardent devotee of Amma after visiting her as a mere observer. Practical spiiritualism leading to equality among human beings are the supreme ideals being propogated by her, he added.

Former Minister KP Visawanathan while speaking on the ocassion said that Amma’s greatness lies in her unique ability to provide solace to the poorest of the poor in the society. BJP State general secretary B Gopalakrishnan said that Amma has shown the world that concern and kindness to the fellow beings should be expressed through ones work for the society and not through words. Kidney Foundation of India Chairman Fr. David Chirammel who also spoke, said that ones real happiness lies in the hearts of his fellow beings.

Amrita SREE Chief Coordinator R Ranganathan welcomed the gathering. NDA district convener K V Sadanandan, Director Babu Narayanan and Cine actress Shravana participated in the event. An amount of Rs.30,000 was distributed to around 3,000 clusters with 20 members each. Around 15,000 women members of Amrita SREE from theg disctrict participated in the event.


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