AYUDH forges a new path for the world’s future


Thirty youth activists from six different countries have decided to become changemakers for our planet’s future. They have completed AYUDH Europe’s first year-long training course on Social Impact Leadership.

The participants were from the ages of 18 to 30 and came from Denmark, Greece, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Germany.

The challenges in today’s world are many–ranging from climate change and gender discrimination to lack in quality education and cultural stigmatization. Many young people are concerned by these developments and wish to take concrete action by leading projects that affect real change on the ground.

AYUDH Europe designed this program for such young people so they can foster their leadership and project management skills, deepen their understanding of social issues, and develop a mindfulness practice that supports them in their personal growth as compassionate leaders.


The program was supported by the European Unionand SAP, the world’s third largest software and programming company. Many expert international facilitators also took part.

The learning journey started in October 2017 and focused on six social themes: Climate Action, Education, Gender Equality, Human Rights, Intercultural and Inter-religious Understanding, and Peace and Security.

All participants rated their overall experience at the seminars as either great or good. Comments included:

“It was one of the greatest experiences I had. I’m thankful towards all the team for making this possible.”

“The truth is that I did not know what to expect, and that has made me enjoy everything even more. Everything has been really well organised and we have developed how to share and make ourselves understandable, think about new ideas, and learn a lot from every talk and person. Not only that, but also everything has been really joyful and I have felt very comfortable in the group, so I could not ask for more.”

“I did not expect the seminar to help me grow so much. Also on a deep and personal level. I feel more confident and hopeful about my future and what I can contribute to the world.”


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