AYUDH Mumbai launches project for slum women, Janani Jagaran

On the occasion of International Women’s day, Amma blessed and launched AYUDH Mumbai project 2019 ‘Amrita Janani Jagaran’ during the second leg of Her Bharat Yatra 2019. The project will focus on the innovative ways to empower women in rural areas and urban slums by helping them to overcome their physical, mental and emotional challenges and improve the health & hygiene awareness.

AYUDH representatives received the symbolic Health Awareness / Medical Kit (with all required items for complete health care) from the hands of Amma and the dignitaries- Mr Nimrod Kalmar, Deputy chief of mission, Ms Anjali Menon, Renowned film director, Mr Suresh Bhagaria, CMD Bhagaria Industries Limited, Mr Hiten Sethi, Managing Director, Hiten Sethi Managing Director, Hiten Sethi Architects and Mr Ajai Kumar, RSS Pracharak, Regional Organizing Secretary NE (VHP). The medical kit will be given to the women in the adopted families during the first phase of their project.

AYUDHians will adopt an area in the nearby slum and do the following in different phases of their project with the vision “Healthy Women, Healthy World”
1. Micro level survey, information collection through a structured interview schedule.
2. Health Awareness classes every week with regard to the general health & hygiene including the issues that the women face during the menstrual age, child bearing age and menopausal age.
3. Professional counseling and medical care every week with the help of a doctor in the AYUDH team.
4. Clean up drives and dust bin installation in their living premises and awareness sessions for maintaining the same.
5. Fund Raiser events by AYUDH team & free distribution of Saukyam pads and medical kits in all adopted families.
6. Value oriented classes for self-empowerment.
To continue with the Billion Tree Campaign, AYUDHians also received Tulsi saplings from the dignitaries.


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