AYUDH Chennai launches WEMoch, A Substance Abuse Awareness Initiative


January 30, 2020

Amma launched WEmoch, a new project by AYUDH Chennai, in Virugambakkam on Thursday. The project aims to create awareness on substance abuse among 1 lakh students in 500 schools and colleges, by 2021.

AYUDH Chennai will implement the project in 2 stages. Initially, they would gather all data and document the impact of substance abuse among children and youth. It would then be analyzed and used to create awareness among school and college children across the nation.

Amma started the second day of the Brahmasthanam Mahotsavam celebrations here, by distributing sarees to underprivileged women. Following this, a souvenir brought out on the occasion was released by TG Venkatesh, Rajya Sabha MP and the first copy was received by senior film artist, Sharada.

“If we could only begin to consider needs of others before our own, we would be able to make earth, a better place. We need to reduce the weight of our ego. Develop humility and remove the misconception that life is only about snatching and taking love. Instead, try to find the source of love within and offer it to all those around us,” said Amma in Her Satsang.


“The qualities of good and evil, divine and demonic attributes, are within each one of us. But, we are the ones who decide what we become. When we awaken the evil qualities within, we lead miserable lives, blaming God and everyone else for our own mistakes and failures. On the other hand, if we are able to awaken divine qualities within, path to immortality will be wide open,” Amma added.



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