Amrita Institute for Differently Abled Inaugurated

A new institute for the differently-abled, Amrita Institute for Differently Abled (AIDA), was inaugurated by Mr. M. K. Raghavan, Honorable Member of Parliament of Kozhikode Constituency, in the presence of Amma during the Kozhikode Brahmasthanam festival.

This new Institute, situated in Putiyara, is dedicated to the welfare of the mentally challenged children belonging to Kozhikode and surrounding regions. As its first phase, a day-care center has been established to initially accommodate 20 children. Proper developmental therapy incorporating daily skills, early social integration and schooling will be imparted at the center. Personalized therapy will be provided based on each individual’s mental and physical abilities. These programs will provide these children with basic life skills and fundamental concepts that will help them function as independently as possible on a day-to-day basis.

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