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Amrita Yoga

Relishing the Elixir of the Inner Self

Amrita Yoga, a unique Hata Yoga program, is inspired by Amma, who wanted people from all walks of life to be initiated into Yoga, so that they can lead a peaceful, harmonious and complete life. Accordingly, trained disciples of MAM began teaching Amrita Yoga, from 1987 onwards. From the initial Kerala-specific focus, the programsoon expanded to encompass devotees from across the world, through MAM’s international centres. Amrita Yoga is an integrated approach to promote total wellness. Thus the instructions focus on therapeutic yoga, psychosomatic and holistic health as well as meditation. Through MAM’s 100 + centres in India and 120 global centres, specialist trainers teach Amrita Yoga to people belonging to all age groups – in schools, universities, industrial organisations, corporates and the like.

Since the beginning of the observation of the International Day of Yoga, in 2015, Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India has given accreditation to Amrita Yoga to coordinate the promotion, propagation and the execution of all activities in India and abroad. Amrita Yoga has also been the official co-organizer of the IDY Celebrations along with the Indian Embassies at Denmark, Chicago and Norway.

Integrated Amrita Meditation

 For Wholesome, Holistic Living

The Integrated Amrita Meditation (IAM) technique, initiated by Amma in 2003, focuses on integrating the body, breath and mind as a single entity. IAM is a combination of yogic stretches for relaxation, deep, rhythmic breathing exercises and concentration exercises which includes sound and visualization methods, and takes just 15 to 35 minutes/day. IAM is ideal for people of all ages and all faiths, as Yoga is neutral, as far as faiths, religions are concerned. IAM modules are designed as age-specific, to cater to the lifestyles of children, youth, adults and seniors.

The IAM technique is taught across the world from campuses to corporates like Infosys, IIM (Indian Institute of Management), BSNL (India’s public sector telecom major). MAM is also engaged in a massive project – teaching IAM to the 2.5 million strong paramilitary force of India. IAM has proven effectiveness, as per the research findings of the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. *IAM is found to help lower stress hormone (adrenalin and cortisol) levels, which is effective from within just 48 hours of beginning of practice. The effects also include many immunological benefits. Regular practice of IAM results in a positive, calm response to high-stress conditions. Since its inception, IAM is silently transforming thousands of lives across the world.

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