Disaster Relief

Lending a Hand When Everything Falls Apart

Amma’s empathy and concern for disaster survivors is so complete that she responds to every aspect of their situation—not only fulfilling their material and emotional needs but also keeping an eye on their future. Our provision of long-term support for disaster survivors has carried thousands through the darkest periods of their lives into the light of a hopeful future.

9 out of 10 victims of natural disasters live in the developing world.

Disaster Relief Projects

The past few years have seen natural disasters and tragedies involving the natural elements: fire, water, wind, and earth. Amma’s helping hand reached out to those in need in these tragedies.


Kerala Floods

Rs.10 crore in aid to Chief Minister’s fund as well as relief camps throughout Kerala.


Cyclone Okhi

Rs. 2 crore in aid to Chief Minister’s fund as well as relief camps.


Kollam Fire

Rs. 1 crore in aid to victims and their families and free treatment at Amrita Hospital.


Chennai Floods

Rs. 5 crore sid to Chief Minister’s fund as well as evacuation support, medicine and food.


Nepal Earthquake

Food, Blankets, Shelter and 2 tons of Medicines.


Kashmir Floods

Rs. 30 crore in relief with focus on house construction.


Typhoon Yolanda

USD 2 million in aid.


Uttarakhand Floods

Rs. 100 crore in aid.


Idukki Landslide

Rs. 1 Lakh each to bereaved families.


Kannur/Sivakasi Explosions

Rs.1 Lakh to families of dead and Rs.50000 to injured.


Japan Tsunami

USD 1 million for education of orphans.


Haiti Earthquake

Medical supplies, Shelter materials, Scholarships.


Karnataka Floods

Rs. 100-crore relief package including medical care, food, supplies and 1,000 homes for the displaced


Cyclone Aila

Medical care, food and supplies.


North Indian Floods

Rs. 5 crores+ in medical aid, food,  supplies and shelter.


Surat Floods

Medical Aid worth of Rs.15 Lakhs. Food & Supplies.


Mumbai Floods

Medical care, food and supplies.


Pakistan Earthquake

Food, Blankets, Shelter and 3 tons of Medicines.


Hurricane Katrina

USD 1 million to Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund.


Indian Ocean Tsunami

Rs. 200 crore in relief (built 6,200 tsunami-resistant homes, 700 new fishing boats and an evacuation bridge, provided vocational training for 2,500 victims


Kumbakonam Fire

51 houses & tailoring machines for the families affected by the fire


Gujarat Earthquake

Three villages rebuilt from ground up (1,200 homes).


Lathore Earthquake

Food, Blankets, Shelter and Medicines.

Disaster Relief News

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