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For her disciples and devotees, Amma, Sadguru Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, is the Perfect Master, guiding them along the path of spirituality. In Amma, we can also see the perfect karma yogi; her actions are totally selfless. Amma is fully established in the highest state of pure undivided devotion to God. So, she is also a bhakta in the truest sense. Above all, Amma is one with the totality. She abides in the ultimate state of nonduality—sacchidānanda mūrti.

Perhaps the most personally accessible spiritual leader in history, Amma has directly listened to more of the world’s poor describe their experience than anyone else. Offering a compassionate ear and a shoulder to cry upon is something that has always come natural to her. Amma began doing so when she was just a child, during daily trips into her home village to collect vegetable peels and other food waste to feed to her family’s goats and cows.



  • Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters, University of Mysore (Amritapuri, 2019)
  • Swachh Bharat Award for the largest contribution to Clean India Campaign (New Delhi, 2018)
  • Soldiers of Peace International Association’s
    Commemorative Gold Medal for Peace” (Toulon, 2017)
  • Medal of the Provence-Alpes-Côtes d’Azur Region (Toulon, 2017)
  • Hindu Ratna Award (Kochi, 2017)
  • Fashion4Development “Medal of Honor” (New York, 2015)
  • Kavithilakam Pandit Karuppan Award (Kerala, 2014)
  • Doctorate of Humane Letters from SUNY (Buffalo, 2010)
  • Prix Cinéma Vérité (Paris, 2007)
  • James Parks Morton Interfaith Award (New York, 2006)
  • Philosopher Saint Sri Jnaneswara World Peace Prize (Pune, 2006)
  • Mahavir Mahatma Award (London, 2005)
  • Centenary Legendary Award of the Int. Rotarians (Cochin, 2005)
  • Gandhi-King Award for Non-Violence (Geneva, 2002)
  • Karma Yogi of the Year (Yoga Journal, 2002)
  • Care & Share Int. Humanitarian of the Year Award (Chicago, 1998)
  • Hindu Renaissance Award (Hinduism Today, 1993)

Amma’s compassionate interactions with suffering humanity is a tradition that continues to this day, with Amma spending the majority of each day—up to 22 hours—receiving all those who come to her with encouraging words and her heartfelt motherly embrace. In this manner, Amma has embraced more than 39 million people throughout the world as of 2019, giving spiritual programs not only throughout India, but also throughout Europe, the United States, Japan, Africa, Australia, South America, Singapore, Malaysia, the UAE and other countries—in all six continents.

Amma’s motherly embrace, radiating the bliss and purity of unconditional love, is well known. When Amma embraces people, it is not just physical contact that is taking place. The love Amma feels for all of creation flows towards each person who comes to her. That pure vibration of love purifies people, and this helps them in their inner awakening and spiritual growth. It also helps both men and women to awaken to the qualities associated with motherhood—patience, compassion, kindness, love—which are severely lacking in today’s world.

When people pour out their hearts to Amma, she offers them emotional solace, spiritual guidance and concrete solutions to their problems. On receiving Amma’s embrace, many feel inspired to offer selfless service to those in need. In this way, this simple yet powerful act of Amma’s darshan has become both catalyst and symbol for her growing international network of humanitarian initiatives.


International Addresses:

  • 2018: Interfaith Summit to Protect Children Online, Abu Dhabhi
  • 2015: Summit of Conscience for the Climate, Paris, France (Video Message)
  • 2015: UNAI Conference on Tech. for Sustainable Development (New York)
  • 2014: Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery (Vatican)
  • 2014: Conversations on Compassion (Stanford University)
  • 2013: 100 Birth Ann. Celebrations of Sw. Vivekananda (New Delhi)
  • 2012: United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (Shanghai)
  • 2009: Inauguration of Vivekananda Int. Foundation (New Delhi)
  • 2008: Summit of the Global Peace Initiative of Women (Jaipur)
  • 2007: Cinéma Vérité Film Festival (Paris)
  • 2006: James Park Morton Interfaith Awards (New York)
  • 2005: Rotary International, India (Cochin)
  • 2004: Parliament of the World’s Religions (Barcelona)
  • 2002: Global Peace Initiative of Women Rel. & Spiritual Leaders, UN (Geneva)
  • 2000: Millennium Peace Summit, UN (New York)
  • 1995: Int. Celebrations at the 50th Anniversary of the UN (New York)
  • 1993: Parliament of the World’s Religions 100th Anniversary (Chicago)


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On the Sunday, 17th of March, 2019, Amma will be awarded with an honorary Doctorate of Literature (D. Litt. Honoris Causa) by the University...
March 4, 2019 Nerul, MumbaiAmma’, today addressed thousands of Mumbaikars who had come to her Nerul ashram, in the presence of actor Vidya Balan, MLA...
The Mata Amritanandamayi Math will give Rs.5 lakh to each of the families of the more than 40 CRPF soldiers killed in February 14th’s Pulwama terror attack.
On February 11, 2019, Her Excellency Ms. Dana Kursh, Consul General of Israel to South India (Bengaluru) inaugurated a new collaborative project at our Amritapuri campus. “Women in Sustaining the Environment” (WISE) is a research project between Amrita and Tel Aviv University, funded by the Consulate of Israel to South India (Bengaluru).
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