Amrita Vidyalayam student honoured for two US patents for an emergency medical aid device

The school’s annual felicitation event also honoured exceptional achievements by two students at the national level. 

The Amrita Vidyalayam school in Puthiyakavu, Kerala, recently held its annual felicitation event to honour the outstanding achievements of its students, including those at the international level. The event, which was organised to celebrate the school’s anniversary, was opened by the Agriculture Minister of Kerala, Sri P Prasad. 

During the event, Minister Prasad recognised the accomplishments of several students, including Madhumathi Anand, a plus two student who won two US patents for her Biodegradable Tensegrity project to bring emergency medical aid to disaster-affected areas.

A Kavya, a plus one student, is a member of the Kerala rollerskating hockey team who won a silver medal in the National Rollerskating Hockey Championship. Karthik Raj, a class 8 student, won the Central Government’s NITI Aayog Young Innovative Award. 

In his inaugural speech, Minister Prasad emphasised the importance of embracing others and creating love within oneself, and of learning through experiences as well as textbooks.

Other speakers at the event included Mata Amritanandamayi Math General Secretary Swami Purnamritanandapuri, film star Sona Nair, Amrita Vidyalayam Administrative Director GS Sajikumar, Puthiyakavu Amrita Vidyalayam Principal Swamini Sricharanamrita Prana, and Dr Nithya PR. The event also featured various artistic performances by the students.

Amrita Vidyalayam, Puthiyakavu is proud to recognise and celebrate the achievements of its exceptional students and is committed to providing them with the support and resources they need to reach their full potential. 


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