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2004 Kumbakonam School Fire Accident

In the worst school accident ever to happen in Tamil Nadu, 94 children of the primary section of the Krishna English Medium School, Kumbakonam, Tanjavur district were charred to death in their classroom as the thatched roof caught fire on 16 July 2004. The accident, in which 18 children were also severely burned made headlines internationally and became one among the four major fire accidents ever to happen in India.

When the tragedy occurred, Amma was in the middle of Her U.S. Tour. On learning about the incident, she immediately called a group of brahmacharinis at Amritapuri to go to Kumbakonam to pray for the children and to console the parents. On Amma’s instruction, the brahmacharinis quickly left for Kumbakonam and began their service once they reached Kumbakonam.

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