Bhajans to mark the beginning days of Amrita Hospital, Faridabad

Pujya Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri leads a session to celebrate many firsts for the hospital.    

Faridabad, Haryana

In his own unique way, Swami Amritaswarupananda Puri led soul-stirring bhajans to thank Amma for bringing her loving and compassionate care to the North of India in the form of Amrita Hospital, Faridabad. Devotees gathered with Swamiji to pay respect to Amma’s mission to provide both affordable and advanced medical services to the common people. 

Within less than two weeks of opening its doors, the hospital has seen many firsts. It began appointments with patients on inauguration day itself on August 24, 2022. On the 25th, people from the surrounding areas lined up at speciality departments, with many sharing relief to gain access to treatment for the health problems faced by their families.  

The 25th also saw the hospital’s first surgery. As a ray of hope to a 17-year-old girl, a team of doctors led by Dr Mohit Sharma, Head, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, reconstructed her missing right ear, a technically challenging procedure. 

Dr Mohit Sharma has over 20 years of reconstructive surgical experience in cleft lip and palate surgery, ear reconstruction, breast reconstruction and head and neck reconstructive surgery. He is spearheading the composite tissue transplantation program in India and his team is well-known for performing the country’s first double hand transplantation in 2015. 

On September 2nd, another landmark for the hospital—its first C-Section delivery. Rahul Chauhan and Chanchal Chauhan welcomed their first baby, giving her the name Ruhi Chauhan. The delivery was done under the supervision of Dr Shweta and Dr Namrita, Department of Gynaecology, alongside Neonatologists Dr Nikhil Ganjoo and Dr Nidhi Gupta

Swami Amritaswarupananda and Swami Nijamritananda Puri, Head of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, Delhi and Director of Amrita Hospital, Faridabad blessed the couple and the newborn. 

Operating as a non-profit enterprise, the hospital includes 2,600 beds, eight Centres of Excellence, and 81 speciality departments. It is expected to considerably reduce healthcare costs in the North and North-East by offering both external and internal healing to people of all social strata.  



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