Celebrating 30 years of Amrita Children’s Home at Parippally; Abhayavarsham 30

The alumni reunion after three decades at the Amrita Niketanam at Parippally here turned out to be an event filled with emotional and tear-jerking life experiences. Read the news at https://amritaworld.org/amma/ethos-me… The touching tale of two sisters, Radhika and Revathy from Konny, who was resurrected to normal life at the intervention of Amma literally sent the crowd to tears. They were virtually orphaned after their father brutally killed their mother, and was disowned by the society. Nanjan, who came to this abode of letters, from a poverty-ridden Attapady village, also narrated his journey of life under the care and compassion of Amma to become an engineer at KSEB . Mahesh, who is now a company executive at Bahrain, also had a different story of how Amma helped him achieve his goals in life through his residential study at Amritaniketanam. Another alumnus Saumya categorically stated that she was as safe as in a mothers womb during her days at Amrita Niketanam. Likewise, the Abhayavarsham alumni meet got transformed into a platform for sharing emotions and thanksgivings.

Amma patiently listened to all, hugged and blessed the old students with her inspiring words. “At a time when we witness a deterioration in basic human values, such a get-together would definitely set a good model for the society”, said Amma. “Good karma is always essential for spiritual solace and the unity and friendship among the alumni members can be seen as a divine intervention” Amma added The Nilavilakku offered to Amma by the Alumni of Amrita Niketanam was lit by her. The former headmistresses and teachers of the school was also felicitated on the occasion. Amma also blessed 30 saplings arranged as part of the event and handed them over to the Alumni members. A financial aid of Rs. 25000 was also handed over by Amma to the economically weak students of Amrita Niketanam.

The meeting, chaired by Chatanoor MLA G S Jayalal, held earlier on the day was inaugurated by Kollam MP N K Premachandran. Premachandran lauded and expressed his gratitude to the Mata Amritamandamayi Math for uplifting the poorer section of the society by providing adequate free education and bringing them to the mainstream of the society. Swami Turiyamritananda Puri, in his benedictory address, said that the students passing out from Amrita Niketanam, would acquire proficiency in various art forms as special training is being given to them by experts. Kollam district Panchayat Chief V Jayaprakash, Itthikkara Block Panchayat member S Laila, A Surendran, Kalluvathukkal Gramapanchayat President Sindhu, and ward member Shaila also spoke. Get News Updates from Amrita.

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