Convert Everything Unfavourable to Favourable – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Episode 36

From Ammas Heart brings you the nectar of Amma’s wisdom to your life. Without falling into despair, a spiritual aspirant should be able to shake our minds free from this dirt and convert them into stepping stones. Only then will we be saved from the “well” dug by others’ criticism and be successful in life. Whenever people criticize us, we need to remind ourselves, “I am not this body and mind. I am the Atman. When everything is the True Self, who can criticize whom?” Even in our ashram, we have been able to change so many things when people voiced their criticism. We should be able to convert our weaknesses into steps that can lead us forward. No one knows how much time we have remaining in this human birth. Death is just a step behind each one of us. This precious birth should not be squandered away in short-lived pleasures. Before us is a golden opportunity to achieve the true goal of human birth. We should make proper use of this birth to deeply inquire into our true essence and understand the real source of peace and happiness.


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