It is in Giving that we receive: From Amma’s Heart – Series: Episode 5

From Amma’s Heart – Episode 5It is in giving that we receiveA kind worda loving glanceand a small gesture of helpcan make the world a much brighter place.It is high time that individuals,communities and countries, thinking and actingwithin the framework of´I and mine´, changed their ways.We must realize global warming,disruptions in seasonal cyclesand natural disasters taking placewith increasing frequencyare all a powerful message from the Almightyto make us reflect on our ways, unite and act wisely.We must become grateful.We are indebted to this worldand all its creatures for raising and nurturing us.

This Earth, this nature is our mother.We must never forget our debt to our mother.We must not turn a deaf earto our ailing brothers and sisters calling out for help..We must do whatever we can to help and console them.We do not need much money or positionto help those in distress.A kind word,a loving glance,a small gesture of help,these alone can make all our lives much brighter.What determines the value of our lifeis not what we have gained but what we have given.If we have given even one persona moment of consolation,our life would be so much more blessed for it.The next moment is not in our hands.

If we want to close our mouth after yawning,we need the blessing of the power that enablesthe mouth to open and close.All those who take undue pride in their own habilitieswould do well to remember this,and to gratefully recall the divine powerbehind all their abilities.In this way, they can become deserving of God´s grace.May divine grace bless everyone.This is Amma´s prayer to the SupremeEnglish: https://youtu.be/1ZPF8907WEE

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