Tune Inside to Receive the Signal of Grace – From Amma’s Heart – Series – Episode 37

From Ammas Heart brings you the nectar of Amma’s wisdom to your life. Even if a devotee is physically close to the guru or has heard his teachings, unless that devotee’s heart is open, surrender and humility will not dawn. Only conceit and lies will grow if there is no inner receptivity. Even when a mosquito sits on the udder of a cow, it will only drink blood. A frog never enjoys the nectar of the lotus; it only eats the mosquitoes in the pond. But the bees come from afar and taste the nectar. Under the lighthouse, there is always darkness. The ladle used to mix halva never becomes sweet. A cowherd may pluck grass for the cow without noticing any medicinal herbs, but an ayurvedic physician can easily spot them. This is because the physician has knowledge of herbs, whereas the cowherd sees only grass. Only a true seeker will understand the importance of the guru and awaken the attitude of surrender and thus become receptive to grace. Only one who has an open heart will watch each and every action of the guru and live every moment fully.


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