Amrita School of Spiritual & Cultural Studies releases a new collection of essays on Mahabharata

Amma yesterday launched the anthology Strategic Lessons from Mahābhārata as Chancellor of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham. The book is edited by the university’s Brahmachari Achyutāmṛta Chaitanya, PhD and Principal, School of Spiritual & Cultural Studies, Faculty of Humanities. 

“While Rāmāyana addresses the battle between Sri Rama and Ravana, Mahābhārata examines the war between Kauravas and Pāṇḍavas. The basic principle is the same. How can one hold on to values and move forward in the situations that life brings? This is what all Mahatmas and all the scriptures are trying to teach,” said Amma. 

The anthology’s authors include eminent scholars Dr KS Radhakrishnan and Mr Aravindan Neelakandan alongside Amrita faculty members Brahmachari Achyutāmṛta, Dr Balakrishnan Shankar, Mr Sivanandan DS, Mr Rupesh Kalesan, Ms Amrita Jayan, Ms Aiswarya Mohan, Ms Aswathy Chandran, Mr Balu Mohanda, Mr Harikrishnan Venugopal, Ms Malavika P Pilla, Mr Sooraj Subramanian, and Mr Sooraj Rajendran. 

The book identifies various strategies and divinations that lie latent in the Itihasa Mahābhārata and conveys them to the reader for further contemplation. From Krishna’s strategic approach of the peace mission to nuances of kingship and political acumen to the Dharmic insights of a butcher, it is a scripture that carries myriads of life-changing tools to unveil human potential.  

This commentary is a humble attempt to illuminate the Mahābhārata’s hidden pearls of knowledge. It also aims to bring back the holistic blend of material and spiritual dimensions of human existence prescribed by our ancient Gurus. 

Strategic Lessons from Mahābhārata is published by Amrita Books and available for purchase


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