Alappuzha District: Another 10,000 women attend the AmritaSREE SHG annual meetings

Women with AmritaSREE Self-Help Groups in Kerala’s Alappuzha District gathered in the town of  Kayamkulam for their annual meeting. Aid was distributed to more than 10,000 members including financial support, food supplies, and clothing for family members. Each SHG with 20 members was also given ₹30,000 as working capital for the year.  

Kayamkulam Municipality Chairman P Sasikala inaugurated the ceremony. She said that it is a concrete initiative to empower women economically and socially through SHG schemes like AmritaSREE. She added that when women along with men earn income for their families via self-employment, it is a stronger foundation to provide education for their children.  

During the event, Swami Vedamrtananda Puri delivered the blessing speech. DCC General Secretary Adv. Sreejith Pathiyur, BJP Kayamkulam Constituency President Krishna Kumar, Sree Narayana Bhada Dharmavedi State Vice Chairman Kandalur Sudhir, and AmritaSREE Coordinator R Ranganathan also addressed the gathering.  


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